Drivers Need Station Staff!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 17/02/2008 - 18:26,

In a recent one-under at West Finchley, the driver was understandably too traumatised to do anything. On his own, the station supervisor evacuated the train and the station, got the current switched off, checked the site, dealt with the emergency services, put SCDs down.

He was on his own for half an hour while the DSM was struck in traffic during rush hour. How would any of this have happened if the supervisor had been 'mobile' and at the wrong station at the time? It also shows the support that station staff give to drivers when incidents occur.

In contrast, recently at Burnt Oak there was a fight on a train but no staff on the station. The only option was for the controller to ask the the train in the opposite direction to stop and help the driver so at least he was not on his own in a potentially dangerous situation!

This is not good enough. As well as causing huge disruption to the service, it is not safe as drivers lose radio communication when the train shuts down. Is this really the danger management want our staff to face?

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