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The RMT won a great victory last month by forcing management to re-instate Raj Nathvani and Les Bruty, Jubilee Line drivers who faced the sack in a ridiculously heavy-handed bid to attack the union in the run-up to London 2012.

Raj was "guilty" of a SPAD - his first in 8 years' service - while Les was attacked with a charge of gross misconduct for leaving the station while the platform doors were not closed ... even though there was no-one on the platform to be put in danger anyway. Management shot themselves in the foot, undermining themselves by labelling what were clearly performance issues as misconduct.

In response to the sackings, Neasden RMT (of which Les is branch secretary) held a meeting of over 100 people. Members from the other unions also came and gave their support - the mood was militant, workers across grades and unions determined to stand up for Raj and Les. A collection for Raj at the meeting raised over £400.

Management want to see disunity, they want to see us shrink from the fight. But the size of the meeting and the determination to act soon stopped them in their tracks - the fact that both Raj and Les got their jobs back showed that the bosses saw what happened at Neasden and had to retreat.

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