Trouble At The Wharf

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 09/08/2006 - 12:15,

Staff on the Canary Wharf group have had enough of the GSM's abuse of staff. The GSM's actions affect all grades, races and genders. Everyone thinks he is a bully, and enough is enough.

RMT members have asked the union to sanction a ballot both for strikes and for action short of strikes, and we should know by tomorrow what the National Executive plans to do.

And TSSA? If it doesn't organise action, its members should sign up to the RMT for the duration of this dispute at least.

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Submitted by Tubeworker on Tue, 15/08/2006 - 14:24

Press release here.

All hands are needed on deck to make sure every member of staff is a member of the union, that any problems with ballot papers are dealt with immediately, and that everyone is going to vote Yes. Activists also need to be making arrangements for the strike days, such as planning picket lines. Although the union has a nasty habit of calling strikes only to call them off, we can't work on the assumption that this will happen or we could leave ourselves vulnerable.

Tubeworker would also like to remind RMT that its recent AGM passed a policy instructing the Executive to consider producing leaflets for the public whenever it goes into dispute, so we hope to see one soon for this dispute. After all, not everyone who travels through a Canary Wharf group station is a besuited, fat-cat, dyed-in-the-wool Tory!

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