A Shorter Working Week?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 29/05/2006 - 15:54,

Well it’s been nearly 4 months since the new rosters were imposed, ahem I mean implemented, on a grateful LUL workforce!

The SWW was heralded as a great deal for staff but in reality that is far from the truth for a lot of staff.

Who in their right mind would envy CSAs at Wembley Park and their roster? They work a 13-week roster and although on paper they an average of 37.5 hours a week, in reality during their roster they can work 7 days in a row working a staggering 59hrs 45 minutes!

So much for work-life balance! It is time for staff to make a stand and encourage the unions to change some of these ill-thought-out and staff-unfriendly rosters. We know the rosters were driven by 'business needs', but staff have needs too. So let’s put a smile back on the faces of our hardworking workforce.

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