Remote booking dispute ends

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 25/04/2006 - 14:35,

After running for years - literally - the dispute over remote booking on and off at Acton Town is over. So what is the deal? We quote verbatim ...

  • 20 volunteers will be sought to transfer from Acton Town to Earls Court with effect from 11 June 2006. These volunteers, provided that they are currently on a roster, will at the date of transfer, be guaranteed a similar link at Earls Court, for example night to night link.
  • If less than 20 staff volunteer to transfer, the junior staff based at Acton town will be transferred to Earls Court in line with the current Train Staff Framework Agreement, to make up any shortfall.
  • Any surplus rostered staff at Acton Town will be placed in the Acton Town pool in the normal way.
  • Staff who volunteer to transfer will receive a letter guaranteeing their rostered position at the point of transfer. Once they have indicated their acceptance in writing they will not be able to withdraw.
  • Acton Town District staff can and will be rostered to travel to and from Earls Court on the Piccadilly Line.
  • The decision to suspend remote booking on and off at Acton Town will not be used as a precedent for the abolition of remote booking on and off at other locations.

The unions agreed this after members accepted it at open meetings and at the union branch.

Tubeworker invites your views as to how good a deal it actually is, and whether we could have won more.

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