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Tubeworker has long bemoaned management's failure to ensure that station staff - particularly supervisors - are familiarised with the track at the stations where they work. Unlike station familiarisation (required by law), track familiarisation is pretty much random, and down to whether local managers get their act together to organise it or not. A station supervisor can even make repeated written requests and still get nowhere.

Inevitably, management's own slackness comes back to bite them eventually. As happened on the Piccadilly line the other day, when a supervisor refused to secure the points because he had - despite asking several times - not been familiarised with the track in the Cockfosters/Oakwood area.

This time, it cost the company a 40-minute delay to the service. Let's hope it wakes them up and makes them ensure that staff get track familiarisation. In which case, the supervisor concerned will have done us all a favour.

If not, the consequences next time could be much worse than a delay.

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