Olympics 2012 No strike deal and the good old BBC !!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 22/02/2006 - 19:52,

Switched on the local BBC news tonight and was greeted by the headline that the RMT were asking for underground workers to be paid extra to ensure they attend work during the games.As an RMT member this was news to me and I'm surprised to hear it first on the news and not from my union.

However my main complaint is about the totally biased media campaign that seems to being waged against the RMT and it sickens me to hear supposedly educated presenters (Emily Maitlis is a Cambridge graduate) spew out such negative views about Underground workers and RMT members.

Union bashing(especially the RMT) seems to a popular thing at the moment and it seems that there is a policy that wants to marginalise the RMT and its members,Ken Livingston being the main perpetrater.

The media seem to find it an anathema for a Trade Union to be a fighting force for it's members and workforce and the public are being forced fed a daily diet of slanted propaganda from the likes of The Evening Standard and The Metro newspapers.
Where has the fighting spirit gone from the workers? Are we prepared to carry on meekly accepting that we should accept our lot in life and that parasitic managers of this world deserve their highly exorbitant salaries.

I'm proud to be in a Union that is prepared to defend it's workforce,it may not be the perfect organisation but it is upto its membership to actively change things that they feel is wrong with the Union machinery.
Life is tough at the moment but it will get alot tougher if we don't stand and fight.

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