Cleaners Sacking Disgrace

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 18/02/2006 - 09:03,

Eight cleaners on the Central line face the sack in a truly appalling case.

It is bad enough that cleaners do not get free travel around the Underground as LUL staff do. So they get a Travelcard/Oyster to cover the zones that they work in. Then their bosses tell them to go and do some cleaning at another station, out of their usual zones, but do not provide them with a ticket to get there.

Then, some RCIs "catch" them out of zone, report them to their employer and the next thing you know, they are summoned to disciplinary hearings and the sackings start.

Their one hope is that they are in a union (RMT), which must now put up an almighty fight to get them reinstated, then push that fight forward to get free travel for cleaners.

And as for those particular RCIs ... Perhaps they should rethink their ethical standards. Sometimes "I'm only doing my job" just isn't good enough. To put it mildly.

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