Displacements – Call this fair?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 16/01/2006 - 09:47,

So much for management’s claims that displacements would be handled fairly.

They don’t exactly ask your view on your proposed displacement. Instead, it is down to you to appeal, and you have got a whole 72 hours to decide. That’s plenty of time to think about it, consult your family and other people affected, work out your new travel arrangements, etc. Not.

On top of that, you have to fill in an Extreme Hardship form, the implication being that your appeal will only be considered if the move would put you in extreme hardship, rather than because you just don’t want to go there and would like to talk about other ideas. Funny, we don’t remember ‘extreme hardship’ being in any agreement.

Oh, and we thought that any displacements had to be within 30 minutes travelling time. Michael Schumacher couldn’t get from Oakwood to Shadwell in that time.

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