Safety Scandal

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 09/01/2006 - 09:56,

LUL is playing fast and loose with safety on our strike days.

  • Ticket gates in service at unstaffed stations (eg. Oakwood)
  • Scabs doing double shifts or longer
  • Stations kept open by people who did not know their way round
  • Stations with points left unstaffed (Chalfont, Northwood)
  • Trains running through sections with three or more stations closed in a row
  • Management instructing that a station be locked, meaning that it could not be used as a means of escape in an emergency (Caledonian Road).

If this is the regard they have for safety on strike days, do they expect us to trust them that their rosters are safe?

If you become aware of any safety breaches, report them to the RMT helpline (0800 376 3706), but don't expect LUL, the Mayor, or the toothless tigers at the Railway Inspectorate to give a toss.

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