Service Control Restructuring

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 24/09/2005 - 13:40,

Why are we waiting? Milestone 1 was finally implemented on 18 September, which means that everyone whose job is mapped across into the new structure gets their pay rise. However, everyone who is at risk is still in limbo waiting for news of whether they still have a job in Service Control.

The closed listing application process for filling promotional vacancies is also taking longer than originally stated.

We have had uncertainty hanging over us for the best part of a year. This has been badly handled by management, and there has been a distinct lack of communication and accountability from our union reps.

Our functional reps should now be demanding the details of potential overtime/ uncovered shifts that would exist if the pool of ‘at risk’ people were not all available to cover shifts. This will build evidence to prove what everyone knows - that the reserve for the cabins will not work on the proposed numbers.

If functional don't do this, then local reps and health and safety reps should. Overtime levels are a health and safety issue.

Also, we should be arguing that anyone who does not have a position by milestone 2 (after voluntary severance and promotions) should be held outside the roster in their current position and absorbed by natural wastage, rather than being displaced.

Yes, there have been issues with staffing levels, especially on the Met reserve, but that is not the fault of the signal operators concerned, and we should not be made to suffer for it. Is anyone going to displace the manager(s) responsible for creating this problem in the first place?

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