Your Right to a Rep?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 10/09/2005 - 15:13,

It looks like LUL management are getting the hump about those pesky workers standing up for their rights. More and more of us are having the cheek to demand union representation at Fact Finding interviews.

LUL recognises your right to representation once the formal disciplinary procedure starts - though grudgingly, having been forced to by a legal ruling. But the company reckons that Fact Finding interviews only find out facts, so you don't need a rep.

So you have fewer rights if you are in trouble at work than if you were arrested by the police, who are not allowed to question you without your solicitor present. This situation is outrageous - especially as your job could be at stake. We all know that 'Fact finding' is, in fact(!), the first stage of the disciplinary procedure, so union representation should be an automatic right.

And you have to ask yourself - why exactly would the company wish to refuse you that right?

Last month, management's patience began to run out, and they wrote to the RMT stating that staff who refused to attend a Fact Finding interview without a rep would be stood down and sent home with pay. Union General Secrtary Bob Crow tells us that "until this matter is sorted out, I recommend that members take advantage of this right of first time refusal and the paid time off that management will grant you because of it."

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