Three wins, two setbacks

Posted in Class Struggle's blog on Tue, 01/06/2021 - 14:29,
John Roan school

Pat Markey

The United Learning academy chain has pulled back from dismissing teacher and National Education Union (NEU) activist Kirstie Paton.

The win is down to Kirstie's tenacity and to NEU members, parents, and students at the John Roan School in Greenwich who have been unwavering in their support for Kirstie.

With the recent reinstatement of suspended NEU Rep Louise Lewis at North Huddersfield Trust School, and the victory for workers at Leaways Special School in Hackney, both following strikes and community campaigns, this is a warning for cavalier school trust CEOs.

However, Tracy McGuire’s victimisation by Rydal Academy in Darlington will now go to an Employment Tribunal. The chain there, Swift Academies, claim they want to "develop a sense of responsibility of self and the community; to encourage tolerance, sympathy and understanding of others; to produce members of society capable of performing useful adult life-roles, with the ability to change society for the better".

They have fallen way short of their own stated aims in victimising a union rep and much-respected member of their staff.

And Tom Mitchell, former NEU health and safety rep at Taverham High School in Norfolk, Tom Mitchell was suspended on 18 May. He faces possible dismissal for allegedly "bombarding" management with concerns about the welfare and safety of pupils, staff, their families and the wider community of Taverham during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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