Management's anti-democratic manipulation

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 02/01/2022 - 17:50,
Graphic of a ballot paper going into a ballot box marked "VOTE"

Tubeworker HQ was alerted to this excellent post on Yammer, which we're reposting...

To me, the most notable thing about [Andy Lord's letter to staff] and the new flyer is that management urge RMT members not to take part in the ballot, i.e., not to use your democratic right to vote.

Unions are membership organisations where members get to decide on important matters like this, by voting Yes or No. But management don't want us to do that: they want us not to vote at all. Maybe they don't like democracy - perhaps not surprisingly, as they won't be putting their proposals to cut staffing levels to the vote.

Management's propaganda used to urge us to vote No. The reason for the change is that the law now requires industrial action ballot to achieve a turnout threshold as well as a Yes majority. In my view, this is manipulative and anti-democratic.

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