Further Night Tube strikes called: now let's escalate!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 23/12/2021 - 18:52,
RMT picket line

RMT has named strikes on the Central and Victoria lines over Night Tube hours for the next six months, the life of the ballot mandate, after its re-ballot of its driver members on five lines over Night Tube grade consolidation returned a 92% majority for further strikes.

Continuing to strike over Night Tube hours makes sense, as it’s those duties we’re aiming to “de-consolidate”. But to increase the pressure on management, we need to escalate beyond 24-hour strikes. Several strikes over Night Tube hours, plus two 24-hour strikes, haven't forced concessions from management, so we step up the action.

That could mean longer strikes, or more than one strike in a week. Importantly, RMT’s Train Grades Committee has been discussing the strategy; it’s vital that reps and activists continue to set the strategy through rank-and-file bodies.

With the strikes involving drivers on only two lines, the strike fund is especially important, as Central and Victoria drivers will strike more often. Donate here.

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