A load of bollards

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 19/12/2021 - 15:32,
Westminster Bridge

In the latest update for TfL workers, the commissioner has revealed the installation of 350 new bollards on Westminster Bridge at a cost of £8m, or in tabloid speak, almost £23k each.

It beggars belief TfL would spend this much right now to replace safety barriers apparently already doing the job.

We've recently been flooded with information about how TfL is broke and that we all need to both pay for it and help the bosses work out how to make us pay for it. So, this pricey bollards story has caused surprise and confusion amongst some Tube workers.

Management are ripping up agreements, planning to slash station jobs, pensions are under threat and passengers are facing ever increasing fares. Yet, £8m available to spend on bollards and £12m for the managers who cut and attack our livelihoods. You could say it's bollards to Tube workers, bollards to the passengers but bonuses to the bosses.

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