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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 17/11/2021 - 14:55,
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Along with attacks on the SRT, LU has also announced a series of proposed changes to the revenue department.

They want to align Revenue Control Inspector (RCI) rosters with general station staff rosters, meaning they would work extreme shifts and potentially cover duties on stations. LU also plans to scrap RCIs' current line-based working for a zonal model; the proposed "North East" zone includes both Barnet and Upminster. The "South East" zone include both Elephant and Castle and Heathrow. Revenue staff (both RCIs and the new RCO grade) could be expected to book on and off at any station within their allocated "zone". There's no provision for travelling time, so if you're an RCI who lives in Kent or Essex, and you find yourself rostered to a 05:20 start at Heathrow... good luck getting there.

The intent of both the Revenue and SRT proposals is clear: to maximise "flexibility", which in this case means "a mobile workforce management can send to work anywhere, at any time."

These proposals will wreck work/life balance for revenue staff, whilst doing nothing to address the real crisis in revenue: the fact that the department has been systematically de-staffed over many years, meaning around 50% of its establishment positions are currently unfilled.

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