Tensas are Turtley Inadequate

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 20/10/2021 - 15:13,
Turtle gate

As the reopening of Night Tube approaches, spare a thought for those stations where one of their Night Tube lines is reopening, but the other one is not.

Night Tube's late-night-party clientele will undoubtedly include people who have not twigged that only two lines are reopening, or did know but forgot during their evening's imbibement. So we confidently expect that some will take out their frustration on staff or will try to access the non-running line anyway.

Take, for example, Finsbury Park, where the Victoria line platforms are directly adjacent to the Piccadilly line platforms, with the former resuming Night Tube and the latter not. Several small passageways link the two platforms and management seem to be suggesting that it will be adequate to use Tensa barriers to keep people off the Picc platforms! We respectfully disagree. A Tensa barrier is far too flimsy a barrier to keep an intrepid, inebriated Night Tube rider off the platform that they want to catch a train from.

We need proper, secure barriers such as turtle gates (pictured). We trust that union objections will ensure that management see the wisdom of this.

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