Anti-union laws hit another ballot

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 26/08/2021 - 17:40,
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RMT's ballot of fleet workers in depots where LU proposes to impose Automatic Train Control (ATC) for trains going into siding returned a 79% majority for strikes, and an 82% majority for action short of strikes. But as the turnout was just 42%, official (i.e., legal) industrial action can't be called.

This is the second RMT ballot to fall foul of the Tory anti-union laws recently, with the ballot for action to reinstate Gary "Gash" Carney returning a similarly overwhelming majority for action, but on too small a turnout.

The anti-union laws, which mandate postal voting, are set up to catch unions out. They impose arbitrary restrictions not imposed on any other area of democratic life. Many Tory MPs, and countless councilors, were elected on turnouts far lower than 42%.

The result is obviously disappointing. As long as these laws are in place, we have to deal with them. RMT's recent Night Tube grade consolidation ballot, and Aslef's ballot last year, shows that the thresholds can be cleared, even on a network-wide basis. But as well as working hard to clear the thresholds, we need to step up our campaigning against the unjust laws that require them in the first place.

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