Hull Trains workers strike to defend pensions

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Thu, 29/07/2021 - 17:33,
Hull Trains

RMT members at Hull Trains will strike every Sunday from 8-29 August, to stop the closure of the company's final salary pension scheme.

The company, which is owned by First Group, claims the closure is "essential", but RMT rightly points to the fact that the scheme is well-funded and has a healthy valuation. Pensions are not a perk or a privilege, they're deferred wages. We shouldn't accept bosses using cuts to pensions arrangements to offset costs elsewhere.

With transport workers elsewhere, including on TfL, facing potential attacks on their pension arrangements, it's good to see workers at Hull Trains fighting back. Hopefully this will inspire and galvanise others. If the four strikes in August don't force concessions from management, action will need to be escalated.

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