RMT drivers vote for action on grade consolidation

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 29/06/2021 - 16:55,

Drivers in the RMT have voted for strikes against LU's abolition of the Night Tube driver grade, and the consolidation of Night Tube shifts into full-time driver rosters.

As we wrote previously: "This will mean fewer train operator jobs, increased night and weekend working for full time train operators, and an end to driving parameters that stop us starting or finishing a duty at any time of the night. It is also an end to the "clean wage" - the principle that we all earn the same for doing the same job - as those who volunteer for Night Tube duties (or are forced to do these unsocial hours if there aren't enough volunteers) will get a bonus payment for doing so, in most circumstances."

824 drivers voted, a turnout of around 52%. 719 voted for strikes, a massive 87% majority, with 105 voting no. That result clears all the thresholds of the Tories' anti-union laws - the 50% turnout threshold, and the additional threshold applied to "essential services" that at least 40% of all those entitled to vote must vote yes.

Although Night Tube is not due to resume until 2022, RMT must not delay in calling action. We need to use the momentum of the ballot to hit LU hard and fast. They're already implementing their plans, we need swift and decisive action to push them back. And although Aslef has colluded with LU to engineer the consolidation deal, RMT strikers should appeal to rank-and-file Aslef members, who know the new arrangements will hit their work/life balance, to respect RMT picket lines.

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