Scotrail: Five down, one to go

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Mon, 26/04/2021 - 16:05,
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Scotrail conductors now have five Sundays' action under their belt with one more scheduled. Each as been as solid as as the first, and quality Sunday time has been had by all.

The company has tried a poisonous campaign to portray conductors as harming key workers - apparently ignoring the fact that conductors are key workers, and that if they had not taken away enhanced payments (while leaving them in place for drivers) then the action would not have been necessary.

With no further strikes announced beyond 2 May, it is hardly likely that the company, having ridden out five days, will suddenly capitulate in the face of a sixth. Only stepped-up action will make that happen. The union is turning its attention to political pressure. With the Holyrood and local elections approaching, and Abellio's franchise coming to an end, it is of course imprtant to up the political campaign. But we can take political and industrial action at the same time - it is usually more effective when we do!

Meanwhile, a new pay round looms and all grades have demands to pursue. United, we can win.

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