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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 22/02/2021 - 12:33,
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Area Managers are finally going round speaking to night tube station staff about what happens while there is no Night Tube service. Tubeworker has had reports that a number of them are a bit frustrated so many staff want to just stick to their Night Tube hours. Our heart bleeds. Where moves to cover duties during the week can be made or alternative arrangements that suit night tube staff then fine, but if staff want to stick with what they applied for, then let them get on with it!

Management should remember that where lots of Covid rosters have been agreed, albeit with union pressure, many night tube staff are still working their full hours... and for CSAs that means hanging round an empty station. So the decision of the new Brixton AM to send a blanket email saying that staff should stop splitting shifts, begs the question - Where do you expect staff to spend the night? With strict enforcement of social distancing in mess rooms and control rooms, should someone sit in the GLAP until 5am comes around?

Local management should facilitate arrangements where the strict minimum is needed to close and open the station and if CSAs can go home while the station is closed, they should be able to do so. And those that have to stay should be able to continue to socially distance.

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