John Leach for RMT General Secretary

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 20/12/2020 - 16:19,

Workers' Liberty members active in the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport workers (RMT) are supporting John Leach in the election for the union's next General Secretary.

John is a former London Underground station worker, and has served on the RMT National Executive Committee, as well as having been the union's National President. He is currently Regional Organiser of the RMT's London Transport Region, the largest region of the union.

His platform emphasises rank-and-file democracy and effective militancy. John also emphasises the need to empower marginalised groups within the union, such as women workers, black and ethnic minority workers, LGBT+ workers, and disabled workers.

RMT branches are currently nominating candidates, in a phase of the election ending on 10 February. All candidates with 10 or more branch nominations will then go forward to a One-Member-One-Vote ballot of the entire RMT membership, which will conclude in May. The other declared candidates are Mick Lynch and Steve Hedley, both currently Assistant General Secretaries, and Gordon Martin, the Regional Organiser for RMT Scotland.

For more on John's campaign, check out the campaign Facebook page. Donate to the campaign here.


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