Fight all job cuts!

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Thu, 13/08/2020 - 21:58,
An image of scissors cutting the word "jobs"

Workers at the International Currency Exchange in St. Pancras are facing job cuts, with nine members of staff having been given redundancy notices. RMT reps are supporting them, but Off the Rails was a little alarmed to read some of the language in the union circular about the campaign.

It referred to "the best efforts of our Lead Officer and workplace representative in opposing the company's redundancies via the usual voluntary severance methods"... but should asking for voluntary severance rather than compulsory redundancies be our "usual method" of opposing redundancies? Voluntary job cuts are still job cuts.

Sometimes, winning voluntary rather compulsory redundancies may be all we're able to get, but that should be a position we tactically retreat to if we're unable to win what should always be our starting position: no job cuts at all, compulsory or voluntary.

With fighting job cuts set to be a major feature of the weeks and months to come, in our industry and others, let's not start off by conceding the principle that some jobs have to go. Let's fight to defend every single job.

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