Joint Off the Rails/Tubeworker meeting: Fighting job cuts - 16 July, 16:00

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Wed, 01/07/2020 - 15:14,
Cartoon graphic of a pair of scissors clipping a paper people chain, half of which is red, and half of which is white, indicating "job cuts"

Thousands of job cuts are being announced across the economy, including in the rail and transport industries.

Bosses at Wabtec rail refurbishment factory in Doncaster have announced 450 job cuts, 50% of the total workforce. Over 100 jobs are threatened on Heathrow Express. Select Service Partners, which runs fast food concessions at railway stations, has announced 5,000 cuts. Last year's Network Rail pay settlement saw a "no compulsory redundancies" clause deleted from the deal without union resistance. And a financial audit of Transport for London, ordered by the Tories and conducted by accountancy firm KPGM, is also expected to recommend cuts.

How can we organise to defeat these cuts?

Join us for a Zoom meeting, jointly hosted by Tubeworker, a rank-and-file socialist industrial bulletin for London Underground workers, and Off the Rails, a platform for mainline railway workers, to discuss the issues.

Thursday 16 July, 16:00-18:00 - log in via Zoom here


Janine Booth, London Underground worker and chair of the RMT Disabled Members Advisory Committee
John Pencott, Network Rail worker, RMT lay tutor

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