New Masks with Unreasonable Asks

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 28/06/2020 - 19:45,
Mask poster

Management have a stack of new masks on order for us, which claim to offer more protection than the current ones.

But in the circular announcing said masks is an onerous - and clearly discriminatory - statement about said masks. The circular declares that the comapny "will require all of our vulnerable colleagues to wear the new mask and they will not be able to use their own face coverings. Colleagues who are not classed as vulnerable can continue to use their own face coverings".

Whoa, hang on ... Placing a requirement on vulnerable staff that is not placed on other staff is not acceptable. How do they plan to enforce this? Will they discipline vulnerable or disabled staff for something they wouldn't discipline non-disabled staff for? What if a vulnerable worker has their own face covering which is better than the new LUL-issue one?

You don't protect health and safety by inconsistency. And you don't help more vulnerable staff by placing more onerous demands on them that others.

This rule needs to be withdrawn immediately.

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