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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 04/06/2020 - 19:20,
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LU announced at today's Company Council meeting that they'll be staggering the payment of the back pay they owe us. In July we'll get the back pay for April 2019-April 2020, then in August we'll the pay increase we were due in April 2020, and the back pay on that, and the next increase, and remaining back pay, in June 2021!

You've almost got to admire the company's nerve. This pay deal was settled in March, it should've been paid at the first possible opportunity, and in full. A retrospective increase to the rate for the job has been negotiated and agreed. LU are now withholding our wages.

Remember that this comes on top of LU's announcement, previously reported by Tubeworker here, that the company would be excluding anyone who left employment before the date at which the new pay arrangements were implemented (i.e., July 2020) from any back pay at all.

Official disputes and ballots are difficult in the current circumstances but they can't be ruled out. We can't let the company get away with pinching pennies on our pay.

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