A Load of GLAP

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 10/05/2020 - 17:55,

Reports reach Tubeworker that some CSS and CSMs are asking CSAs to sit in the GLAP ("Gate Line Assistance Point") on rotation, in stations where the size of the control room and staff numbers mean staff can perfectly safely work from the control room whilst maintaining safe distancing from their workmates and passengers. So why do we need people in the GLAP? Well, that isn't clear, and no one has got a good answer.

Staff don't need to "maintain a presence" and put themselves at risk. Passengers who need to ask for information can ask from behind the glass of the control room. And with people making essential journeys, most know where they are going anyway.

And if workers need to sit in the GLAP, will it be cleaned between every person? Is this a priority for already overworked cleaners? If this instruction is coming from on high than workers need to ask who is making it. If this is local management trying to exercise a bit of power, from the safety of their offices, then they can stick it.

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