Fighting back in Service Control

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 22/02/2020 - 18:23,

Service control workers on the Victoria Line, and in the Hammersmith Service Control Centre, are fighting back for better working conditions.

A raft of workplace issues at Osborne House, home to Vic Line SC, led to a strike ballot which returned a 100% majority for action in January. Reps are now due to go to Acas for negotiations with management in late February and early March. Issues include the imposition of rosters and a heavy-handed management culture. The Head of Line Operations for the Victoria Line has refused to meet with RMT reps to discuss the situation. All of this has led to morale levels falling through the floor, with increases in stress and sickness.

At Hammersmith, workers describe working conditions in the Service Control Centre as "appalling", with problems including: not enough control room toilets; no full size control room kitchen; no control room mess facilities; inadequate seating and chairs; poor building access routes; sub-standard control room lighting; not enough lockers and a poorly located locker room; poor cleaning; poor building management; no on-site parking; and staff risking and experiencing assaults when walking to the control centre. There are also issues with training, and procedures related to the introduction of the new Communication Based Train Control system.

Quite a list, we're sure Tubeworker readers will agree! Fortunately RMT Service Control reps are planning a fight back.

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