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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 22/12/2019 - 11:38,

It was a long time coming, so you would think that management could have made the Hammersmith Servic Control Centre a decent place to work. If so, you'd be disappointed.

First up, there is the inadequate access to the building, with no parking spaces and staff assaulted while walking to work. staff facilities are well short of what we need.

Then, once inside, the control room does not have a full-size kitchen or mess facilites, and doesn't even have enough toilets. Seating, lighting and lockers are all inadequate.

Seven years ago, service control staff showed how to fight off management attacks. A whopping ballot result and a plan for sustained strike action saw the company back down from using its planned Hammersmith Control Centre as a pretext for an assault on working conditions. It's time to bring out our strongest weapon again.

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