Vote Labour, and demand Labour restores the TfL subsidy!

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On 12 December, we’ll have the chance to kick the Tories out of government. Tubeworker encourages all readers to vote Labour in every constituency.

Labour is the only alternative party of government. It has its most left-wing policy platform for decades, and a left-wing membership prepared to push the leaders further to the left.

For LU workers, the election is an opportunity to elect a government that could radically transform public transport funding. All the unions that organise across all TfL companies should issue a joint statement demanding that Labour makes a manifesto commitment to restoring and increasing the TfL subsidy, slashed to zero under the Tories, and ends outsourcing across TfL by employing outsourced workers such as cleaners directly.

Three of the four unions organising on LU - Aslef, TSSA, and Unite - are affiliated to Labour, and must use that direct link to make these demands. Although RMT is not affiliated, it is linked to Labour via its Parliamentary Group, comprised solely of Labour MPs. TfL unions should organise together to make demands on Labour, and to organise their membership to campaign for Labour in the election.

A socialist Labour government could take banking and finance into public ownership, socialising the immense wealth currently concentrated there and using it for socially and environmentally necessary projects such as a massive programme of council house construction and a huge expansion of renewable energy and public transport.

Some of the activists who publish Tubeworker also want Labour to be bolder and more radical on the issue of Brexit, committing more clearly to a “Remain” policy, and will be campaigning alongside Labour for a Socialist Europe during the election.

Tubeworker also wants Labour to commit, in its manifesto, to implementing in government the radical policies passed at its recent conference, including an expansion of free movement and migrants’ rights, and the repeal of all anti-trade union laws, not just the most recent. The “Labour Campaigns Together” initiative brings together a number of radical campaigns within the Labour Party which are fighting for a radical manifesto.

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