Tube workers against the coup!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 04/09/2019 - 13:56,

As chaos in Parliament mounts, workers must take to the streets to protest against Boris Johnson's undemocratic manoeuvring and plans for a no-deal Brexit.

As transport workers in London, we have bitter experience of having Boris as a boss, experiencing his blatant lies about ticket office closures and the vicious cuts regime TfL and LU bosses pursued under his mayoralty.

Now he's attempting to shut down Parliament in order to force through a policy for which there's no mandate and which will damage working-class living standards. Our migrant worker colleagues are particularly in the firing line, and we have a responsibility to stand up for their rights.

Tubeworker supporters will be demonstrating for migrants' rights at the Home Office tonight (Wednesday 4 September), and participating in ongoing "Stop The Coup" protests (more details here. Come along, bring your mates from work, bring your union banners!

We’re pleased to see that the RMT London Transport Regional Council passed a resolution opposing Johnson’s coup and his no-deal Brexit plan, and committing to mobilise for demonstrations. Hopefully we’ll see some RMT, and other union, banners at demos in the coming days.

We also encourage all readers to sign the "Trade Unionists Against the Coup" statement, online here.

Restrictive anti-union laws prevent us striking over political issues, so we can’t take official industrial action to protest Johnson’s coup or to oppose no-deal. But, as with the 20 September climate strike, we urgently need to discuss ways workers can support direct action that is taking place. Ultimately, unjust laws will need to be broken.

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