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Did you know your period costs you less if you work in a head office building?

For those of us that need to purchase sanitary products whilst at work, it has come to light that machines provided in female staff toilets charge different rates depending on where you work.

For example, if you work at Palestra it costs 50p compared to on tube stations where the cost varies between £1 and £2.

The company has “assured” us that prices across the network are being “standardised” to £1, but Tubeworker believes these products should be provided for free. In fact we believe there is a much bigger debate to be had.

For those of us that have periods, easy access to wash facilities and free or affordable sanitary products are critical to ensuring dignity at work. Disciplining someone for taking time off work for having a period is also immeasurably wrong and something we should be rallying against. The lack of female reps in senior positions is a major reason why these issue don’t get enough attention and we hope you think so too!

Here are three simple things we can do help:

1) Raise this issue with your local reps and demand that local management provide sanitary products for free out of their own budget. This already happens in some local areas.

2) Educate yourself about the issues women face in the work place, do your own research and speak to us.

3) Ask your local rep to do an audit of toilet and mess facilities, speak to staff and get their views on what barriers might be in the way and that make it difficult to have a period in an operational environment.

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