Scorecard stress

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 18/07/2019 - 13:24,

London Underground has come up with another scorecard measure to punish station staff for the lack of staff.

The old measure, 'gateline availability', has been replaced with 'gateline integrity'. LU used to calculate an average of the time that all gates were in full service. It now calculates a score for each individual gate.

LU must intend to stamp out the widespread practice, arising from short-staffing, of leaving the gateline unattended with the Wide Aisle Gate open while you pop to do a station check, retrieve money lost in a ticket machine, etc. New guidance reiterates what we should have been doing all along: whenever you leave the gateline unattended, open all the gates, record the times and the reasons and do an EIRF.

On one hand, each EIRF could be useful to evidence widespread short staffing. The problem is that if you're so short staffed you're leaving the gates open, you're not likely to have the staff to write the EIRF either.

At some stations, staff need to attend something away from the gateline so frequently that Supervisors would be completing 20 to 30 EIRFs a shift.

The main effect of this new scorecard measure will be to stress out the staff who are trying to cover all areas of the station simultaneously. Instead of being praised for their efforts, they will be nagged by management for poor gateline scores.

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