The pay claim and you

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 25/02/2019 - 11:00,

A lot of us have come onto the job since the last pay claim in 2015. If you are Night Tube then you probably don’t remember the last time a pay increase was on the cards. All the unions on the tube have now gone to the bosses with what they want.

Now negotiations will start, but we should not be waiting to find out what pittance they say they can afford. We should be taking the fight to them and aiming to win the demands we’ve already agreed. Whatever happens they are not going to meet demands like a £3000 flat-rate pro rata pay increase or a change to a 32 hour week without a fight. That means getting ready for strike action.

Every time we strike or even threaten to the Evening Standard, LBC and the company will come down hard with lies and misinformation and try and stir up division between us as the so-called “ordinary Londoners.” But let's looks at the facts. Yes, we already earn more money than lots of people doing other jobs, but does that mean we just have to shut up and accept a race to the bottom? Lots of us got this job knowing it paid better than most, but that is because we’ve fought and won that pay by taking the action needed to win: striking.

And while we earn more than a newly qualified teacher or a nurse, why do the bosses always make out our job is so easy? We work on short staffed stations and depots, do extreme shifts in a safety critical workplace, and thats before you get to station staff dealing with the public

Tubeworker calls on all staff whether you are on probation or have been here 30 years to get excited by the chance to fight our corner and get off the fence and on the offensive!

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