Progress on cab security

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 21/11/2018 - 14:32,

There seems to have been progress in the ongoing battle for cab security, with LU proposing a new prototype with a J Door key opening system.

Trains safety reps from both Aslef and RMT seem pleased with the prototype, with meetings now planned involving reps and the engineers working on the system to explain it to drivers.

The progress has been marred somewhat by intra-union conflict, with Aslef using the opportunity to take swipes at the RMT.

There’s no question that Aslef’s impressive strike ballot result over the issue was a key source of pressure on management and may well have been vital to securing this progress, for which management have ring fenced nearly £10m. But RMT have also consistently raised the issue and, although it would no doubt have been even more impactful if both unions had balloted together, conflict and division between workers’ organisations only serves the bosses.

Let’s take the positives from this experiences: consistent pressure from unions, backed up with workers being prepared to strike to press the demands, has resulted in a concession from the bosses.

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