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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 21/09/2018 - 10:42,

UPDATE: Since the below article was written, Aslef have named strikes on 5 October and 7 November. RMT's ballot is due to commence shortly.

Central Line drivers are fighting an out-of-control management, in a dispute that closely mirrors the issues on the Piccadilly Line.

Central Line bosses are misapplying disciplinary procedures in a petty and authoritarian way, obstructing union reps, and misapplying the attendance policy, including by harassing drivers who are fully fit and at work! Night Tube drivers also feel left behind and denied decent welfare facilities. Drivers are also unhappy about how they're communicated with by Service Controllers.

Aslef have already balloted, and returned a massive majority for strikes. An RMT ballot is due any day. Any strikes should be coordinated between both unions.

The parallels between issues on the Central Line and the issues on the Picc suggest a coordinated effort by trains managers to conduct themselves like little bullying police officers. Our best response will be to remind them who actually makes the trains run... us, the workers!

See you on the picket lines.

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