Picc Strikes Back On!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 12/09/2018 - 20:04,

RMT has named new strikes for driver members on the Picc, as follows:

12:00 on Wednesday 26 September until 12:00 on Friday 28 September, and from 20:30 on Friday 28 September until 01:30 on Saturday 29 September 2018

These strikes have been called in response to LU reneging on the agreements it made in July, which led to RMT calling off strikes planned for 11-14 July. Since then, Piccadilly Line bosses have failed to maintain staffing at the levels set by those agreements.

Many activists argued in July that it was wrong to suspend the strikes, and may well feel vindicated by subsequent developments. This time we must see it through. It's clear that negotiated agreements mean nothing to the bosses; it's time to act.

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