Night Tube Health Nightmare

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 19/07/2018 - 16:24,

Night work can cause health problems, so the law demands that employers assess the health of night workers. Not too onerous a task really - they only have to issue a questionnaire and act on any responses that show concern.

But apparently, even this is too much for LUL when it comes to its Night Tube staff. The company only got round to issuing the questionnaire this year, despite Night Tube having been running for nearly two years. And it seems that many staff have not even received it.

Those who did get to fill in the questionnaire have found that LUL's response has been somewhat sluggish. We have yet to hear from anyone who has received a response! Meanwhile, many staff are developing health problems or have genuine concerns that they might do, whether that be through stress, fatigue or other issues.

It's almost as though the company doesn't really give much of a toss about Night Tube staff's health. If the company is going to treat an issue as a tick-box exercise, it could at least tick the boxes.

Remember this: The law states that if your doctor says that you have a medical problem that is bring made worse by night work, your employer has to give you alternative work if possible.

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