Jubilee drivers say enough is enough

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 23/04/2018 - 22:03,

Jubilee Line drivers are unhappy with new duty schedules forced on them by management. Like much of the Tube, the Jubilee Line gets busier and busier each year, and working patterns deteriorate with the pressure ramped up too.

Drivers on the Jubilee have decided it is time to say enough is enough, with both unions likely headed to dispute.

The key issue is work/life balance, in particular weekend working. When reps negotiated with management on the draft schedules, the line manager was absent. We are now told these sheets are good for us as workers as they give a better service to passengers. Great for them, but that doesn’t help improve our work life balance.

It was agreed at the 2015 Pay Dispute that weekend working would go down. It hasn’t, it’s gone up. And not just on the Jubilee Line.

Tubeworker believes work life balance is a crucial concern for all Tube workers. Something we should all fight together to improve.

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