Justice for sacked drivers!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 20/04/2018 - 14:04,

Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey, a Leytonstone driver, has been sacked following a drug and alcohol test which he passed.

Testing for cannabis is notoriously difficult. Paul's original test result was hidden from him, but he was stood down because of it. A follow up private test showed 19ng of a cannabinoid substance, but the industry standard for a so called 'failed test' is 50ng. The positive result came because this driver has eaten hemp supplements - allowed by LU - as part of a fitness regime.

LU cannot be allowed to treat Paul like this, or to sack any of us because we pass a drugs test! This affects all LU workers and we should all be ready to take the action necesary to defend Paul and ourselves.

Luis Vigo

Ever needed a bottle of water whilst driving your train? Well, be careful as LU may sack you for it. More so if management don't like you because you are precise in your working method.

Luis went 10 seconds from his cab, with the train in full sght at all times, and a colleague watching his train too, to fill his water bottle. He was sacked because he didn't remove the keys. At an employment tribunal, LU was hauled through the coals and the judge found that Luis had been unlawfully sacked, straight after the evidence was heard.

LU must now do the right thing: apologise to Luis, compensate and re-employ him, and look at disciplining the managers who dealt with this case so badly.

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