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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 25/03/2018 - 21:28,

A part of the Tory government's latest anti-union laws was a change in the way that trade union political funds operate. It used to be that members could opt out of the fund if they didn't wish to contribute, but now you have to opt in.

The reason the Tories made this change, and the reason that Thatcher set up separate political funds back in 1984, was to cut the amount of money that goes to the Labour Party and other elements of union political campaigning. The Tories are happy to be funded by a few millionaires, but they don't want hundreds of thousands of workers funding Labour or Labour politicians. They don't want trade unions conducting political campaigns against employers or against Tory policies.

Whether or not your union is affiliated to the Labour Party, and whatever your personal political beliefs, it's vital that our unions have the ability to campaign politically.

Tubeworker believes all union members should continue to contribute to their union's political fund. We should also be active in our unions to make sure the fund is spent on furthering socialist policies in the interest of the working class.

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