We can't 'resolve' everything

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 13/03/2018 - 18:56,

Management on the Vic are keen that CSAs “do more” to track ‘36’ error codes on the gates. They want more customers to be taken over to the POMs and made to top-up, resolve journeys and drag us further into doing the job of protecting revenue, and they want us to record how we are doing it. Tubeworker is pretty confident that this will make no impact on the blackhole in government funding.

What are staff meant to do in the peak when the gateline is already overcrowded if we are taken off to go and get someone to a POM? What about when they don’t want to go there once they are through!

We won't be confronting angry passengers about sorting out their fares. We want assaults on staff reduced, while management put in policies that will put us at greater risk.

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