Don't sacrifice the framework!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 18/01/2018 - 09:20,

An Aslef leaflet is being circulated around train depots attacking RMT for "blocking" Aslef's "four day week" plan.

The plan, which was trialled on the Jubilee Line, involves changing the drivers' framework to allow for longer shift lengths and longer spent on the front of the train in order to compress existing working hours into four days. RMT has opposed the plan, arguing that to allow management to chip away at the framework would set a dangerous precedent. Aslef pose the issue as one of "choice", but amendments to the framework will affect all drivers, not just those who choose to work the "four day week" pattern.

After the trial on the Jubilee Line, RMT insisted that any roll-out of the plan should only happen following a referendum of all drivers. Aslef opposed this, demanding that LU roll the scheme out unilaterally.

Tubeworker is independent of any union, and believe that rivalry and conflict between unions only benefits the bosses. Ideally, we think there should be one industrial union across LU, but as long as several unions exist, we believe they should work together. However, we're not neutral on questions of industrial strategy, and we believe Aslef's plan would be bad for drivers. We think RMT's stance is right.

Unions should unite to fight for a real four day week - one that involves a reduction in working time, not an increase.

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