ABM bribes cleaners?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 26/10/2017 - 00:35

Word reaches Tubeworker HQ that ABM will soon be extending its empire from LU to other parts of TfL, including taking over from ISS on the DLR contract. We hear that DLR cleaners are being offered financial incentives, to the tune of £1,000, to move from the DLR contract to the former TubeLines/JNP contract on LU. ABM apparently plans to fill any roles vacated with agency cleaners.

The LU “super contract” contains a commitment to reduce the amount of agency labour to 5% (it’s currently around 30%), but ABM will make a mockery of this commitment if they decrease agency labour on LU by increasing it on the DLR!

These shenanigans provide yet more evidence for why TfL/LU should cut out the middle-people and take cleaning back in house. End outsourcing now!

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