The key to better work/life balance is a shorter working week

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 24/08/2017 - 12:15,

Both RMT and Alsef are in dispute with Tube bosses over train drivers' poor work life balance. In 2015, the London Underground pay deal contained commitments from management, notably over pro rota working (an option to do less hours for less pay), a reduction in weekend working, and a trial of a "compacted" four day, 36-hour week. However, these commitments have not been met and a dispute has begun.

On all these issues but one, both train drivers' unions are in agreement.

On the four-day week trial, RMT has argued that breaches to our frameworks in the shape of increased duty lengths is not a price worth paying. Aslef, on the other hand, fully supports the proposal and wants the trial (which runs until 2 September; see our article here) to become permanent. RMT has argued that a referendum of all drivers should be held on the issue.

Tubeworker believes RMT is right to highlight the dangers of trading away our terms and conditions. Aslef has conducted a scurrilous campaign of disinformation across the job about RMT's position; this disunity only benefits the bosses. We'd like to see the unions standing together to demand a shorter working week for all grades, not a compression of hours that erodes our terms and conditions.

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