You're never too young to picket

Posted in Bruce's blog on Thu, 18/05/2006 - 13:25,

This item first appeared in
Jewish Socialist.

“Children from a secular Jewish Sunday school in Massachusetts have taken to the streets in defence of workers' rights. The manager of Wal-Mart's in Framingham, Massachusetts called police to deal with a protest by the children whose spokesperson, 10-year-old Owen Weitzman said: 'This is the biggest and richest company in the world and they're using sweatshops.' The protesters held placards saying 'Stop sweatshops'; 'Give workers living wages' and 'Don't hide under bushes'.

“The protesters attend a supplementary school organised by the Arbeter Ring (Workers' Circle). The children stood outside Wal-Mart's entrance, refusing to move until a letter of protest was taken to be sent to the company's Chief Executive. When the police asked the children to leave Wal-Mart's property, they complied, having made their point forcefully.”


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