Wot No Car Park?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 12/01/2017 - 14:18,

Staff who use Tottenham Hale's station car park have been shocked and angered to find that it has closed - and that management have known about this for ages but told them with only a week's notice.

The excuse is that the space is needed for taxis due to the Tottenham Hale Upgrade Project. Apparently, the combined imaginations of all the planners, managers and contract bosses involved in the upgrade could not come up with any possible plan that would retain the 12 parking spaces for LUL staff.

LUL management knew that the car park would be scrapped in October, but made a deliberate decision not to consult local union reps or tell staff until they confirmed their 'temporary alternative' of an insufficient five parking spaces.

The car parking facility has been there a long time, and facilities like this often influence staff's preference for our work location. And with the inadequacy of staff taxis and public transport, the car park is indispensible for some.

Management wail that the project won't pay for alternative parking facilities, but that's not on: if it takes away any of our facilities. it has to pay. End of.

While they get this sorted, the company should not be surprised if staff arrive late or leave early - which will probably cause even more station closures than the north end of the Vic is already experiencing.

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