Why give our 'Viewpoint' if our bosses won't listen?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 20/10/2015 - 07:53,

Five days before the deadline, TfL reported that only 29% of employees had filled out 'Viewpoint', TfL's staff survey.

The survey has the subheading 'Your Opinion Matters' but one reason for the low response rate must be that most of us have realised that TfL and LUL do not really care what we think.

In the last year, LUL has ignored our concerns over stations rosters, cuts and ticket office closures. It has ignored our preference for a professional-looking uniform and instead made us wear our new clown-like costume. LUL only backed off from imposing Night Tube in September after two strikes; despite Night Tube's delay, our concerns over safety and work-life balance are still not being adequately addressed.

Local managers are monitored on the number of Viewpoint surveys returned because a high response rate is good PR for the company. But the low turnout this year says it all. We are not happy but we won't waste our time talking to a company that won't listen. It is a sad truth that TfL and LUL only listen to us when we strike.

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